AOF Pacific

Affordable Housing Corp. 

One of the important roles we play in our apartment communities is the coordination and oversight of a resident services program.  For the day-to-day on-site operations, we turn to a number of organizations that specialize in these services, and many properties have full-time staff members dedicated to this effort.  An on-site resident service coordinator can have a tremendous influence on a community, helping to organize activities for children at family properties, connecting individuals to the services they need, or planning social and other interactive events for seniors. 

In addition to these services, we also make sure the other amenities at the properties are functional and available, including community common rooms and kitchens, outdoor gardens, functioning computers with internet access, children’s playgrounds, community libraries and game rooms, and other spaces for activities.

Finally, sometimes the best service a community can offer its residents is simply to keep the rents as low as possible—rent restrictions and income qualifications ensure that they are.