AOF Pacific

Affordable Housing Corp. 

Our Mission

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, our primary charitable mission is to create and preserve quality affordable housing for low-income individuals, seniors and families, and those who are mentally or physically disabled.

To fulfill this mission, we often collaborate with other nonprofits and for-profit partners in the development, acquisition, rehabilitation, ownership and operation of apartment communities that are affordable because of rent restrictions and income qualifications.

Additionally, we look for investment and ownership opportunities in properties that might not be attractive to for-profit investors, and therefore are at risk of falling into disrepair or converted into conventional (not affordable) housing. Our mission-driven "business model" allows us to craft more flexible approaches to the preservation of at-risk properties.

But our mission doesn't stop there.   

Our philosophy includes the belief that providing affordable housing is more than charging rents that fit within a limited budget—families and seniors with limited means should be able to live in a community that enhances and enriches their lives.  Therefore, we strive to tailor our resident services to the needs of the specific properties. 

 Our priorities have included service coordinators for senior communities to foster activities and social interaction, donations of computer equipment with internet access, short-term grants for qualified residents experiencing temporary financial hardship, after-school programs for children at family properties, and even the more creative and novel addition of artist and musician programs to connect people and build community.