AOF Pacific

Affordable Housing Corp. 

Our Capabilities

Our executive team and board of trustees bring expertise from real estate development, management, finance, accounting, law and marketing.

AOF Pacific is an owner, general partner, or managing member in more than 130 affordable multifamily properties—more than 14,000 apartments—serving low-income families, seniors, and disabled individuals in California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska.


As an owner we bring a mission-driven approach that allows us to measure our success not only with the bottom line but with the lives we affect.  We start by operating a property well, but then ask: How can we make it even better?


As a partner our operational responsibilities typically include the oversight of resident services, the monitoring of and assistance with compliance issues, the application for, and continuation of, a real-estate tax exemption, the interface with local communities and state and local government, and asset management and oversight.

Since our formation in 1997, we have worked through all types of deals and financing approaches, including 9% and 4% LIHTCs, tax-exempt bonds, HAP contracts, FHA loans, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae programs, bridge loans, and a wide variety of soft funding and gap financing.

As a nonprofit we have cultivated relationships with many governmental entities at both the state and local levels. This rapport often proves to be indispensable when trying to move a project forward.