AOF Pacific

Affordable Housing Corp. 

Board of Trustees


Philip J. Kennedy

Mr. Kennedy is President of AOF Pacific, a position he assumed in 2017 after serving as Vice President and Trustee since its formation in 1997. He also runs The American Opportunity Foundation, which sponsors affordable housing in Texas, Georgia, and Florida and is an affiliate of AOF Pacific.

Daniel Do-Khanh

Mr. Do-Khanh has been a Trustee of AOF Pacific since its inception in 1997. He practices law in Irvine, California.

Andrew Stephen Jones

Mr. Jones has been a Trustee of AOF Pacific since 2001. He works for Arden Industries in Huntington Beach, California as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. 

Kathryn T. Walker, CPA

Ms. Walker is Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of AOF Pacific and became a Trustee in 2010. She oversees all the company financial matters, including internal financial statements, audits, and tax returns. She also manages the monthly and quarterly financial oversight of the entire portfolio.

Ried Schott

Mr. Schott has been a Trustee of AOF Pacific since 2012. He has held executive positions with an international appraisal firm, a regional bank and a real estate developer, and has been an investment banker and a pension fund advisor covering multi-family housing and other commercial real estate investments. Based in Redondo Beach, California, he is currently a property manager and an owner of retail property. He is a licensed real estate broker in Florida and a California General Certified Appraiser.